How to Make a Wikipedia Article About Yourself

how can i make a wikipedia page about myself

Create a Wikipedia Page about Yourself with This Guide

There are hundreds of websites that can be personalized or used for any other purpose; if you start counting you will lose the count. But as the world has globalized and digitized, everyone wants to be on the front. This is why new cultures on the internet have developed which has amplified the room for growth. This means the newest forms of websites are needed to fulfill these objectives. So if you start surfing for the top domains for information, you will surely come across Wikipedia. It is the largest online encyclopedia that holds the record of 6.2 Million English written articles. It is highly competitive and growing at the speed of publishing 17000 articles every month!

total size of wikipedia

For all the perks the platform has acquired, it has led people to think about how to get a Wikipedia page about yourself.  Before you bump into the details, an imperative part in the process to create a Wikipedia page about yourself is why to produce one. If this intrigues you, then keep reading.

Reasons to form a Wikipedia page

There are major concerns revolving around how do I create a Wikipedia page about myself and to combat that, you must be familiar with the reasons for producing these pages and articles. Here are some of the most pivotal ones.

  • Since Wikipedia dominates the web, you can see your page at the top of search engine
  • It enhances reputation of a person, an entity or any other subject
  • It grant credibility and reliability because Wikipedia is a genuine source of information
  • It also helps in maintaining relevance to the topic

All in all, a Wikipedia page apprehends unique yet authentic information that is all set to deliver in a very precise format.

How can I make a Wikipedia page about myself?

Now that you have read all the valid pointers to develop a page on this digital encyclopedia, you should move a little forward in terms of knowing the do’s and don’ts of Wikipedia. These are the several keys that will together unlock the potential of a successful page for you. So if your mind is asking you how do I create a Wikipedia page about myself then here is all you should know!

  • Every subject is directed to a separate format, so make sure to follow the designated template
  • When forming bullets, make sure the most significant ones are mentioned first
  • There is no room for irrelevant sources, don’t mention those
  • In terms of sentences, write in singular nouns
  • A standardized pattern of article should be implemented

How we can create a Wikipedia page about myself

It is all about steps and stages! Wikipedia is growing at the rate of 11.8% this means there are more articles than before. More users means the arena is competitive. So, are you prepared to get into this world of articles? Follow the detailed phases one by one to fully apprehend the idea of how to create a Wikipedia page of yourself.

1. Sign up

Now that you have fully prepared your mind to get familiar with the parameters of Wikipedia, it is time to let them know about you. You need to feed information like your username, and official email ID. It is not only used to get the account verified but for the future terms as well. For instance, every time you bring changes to the existing articles or send articles for acceptance from the management, you will be notified through this email. So, keep a robust check on it to avoid prolonging the procedure.

2. Research

One of the most important parts of the journey of how to make a Wikipedia page of yourself is to invest in the ultimate essence of research. And by this, it is not only about the examination on your subject or topic but to get to know about the Wikipedia website, and how it works overall. So, during the process of investigation you have to ensure that you are aware of all the facts and figures, and also the sources. It is also the time to gather enriching material for your subject. Some tips that will help you fully would be; firstly do not use original research and do not use the topic’s official website, or the social media linkages. For authentic research you should not rely on these pages’ in fact you should look for the number of articles, newspapers or research papers published under the domain.

3. Notability

Wikipedia does not believe in information in any sort of type. This is why they have maintained a rigid and standard structure. On the basis of the notability test, Wikipedia management decides to add or remove articles from the largest information delivering arena. If you are looking for how to create a Wikipedia page about myself, then you will surely be directed to guidelines regarding a person. And what falls under this category are pointers like; what is the significance that the human holds, what contributions and impact has he or she made in the society, and if they have won awards in this regard. All these headers are explicit and clear, telling about the importance of this test.

4. Content writing

What’s better than transforming your much-researched learning into words that form sentences that lead to paragraphs, forming the whole content? You have to be extremely mindful of the writing style, grammar, and punctuation and formatting of the page. You have to be sure that your content is free of flaws and errors of any sort. It is because publishing your work on Wikipedia is a responsibility. Whether your article is 200 pages or 1000 pages long, you are delivering information that will be used by researchers globally. If you get wrong anywhere, then this would mislead people who have used your page as an important source of knowledge.

5. Proofreading

It is always best to prevent mistakes then to rectify them quite ahead of the work. So before you go ahead with the process of how do I make a Wikipedia page about myself, it is advised to thoroughly scrutinize whatever you have written. It would be great if you enlist the important pointers and then form a checklist against those to ensure that you are on the right path.

6. Citations and References

If you have fully explored the Wikipedia domain you must have realized that there is a separate section dedicated to the links. These links are the evidence to the material you have extracted to form your content for the page. It is now time to dignify it in the form of mentioning citations and references. This is one of the most imperative points to cover and will get you closest to getting the page accepted in no time. An article submitted without these, will definitely be rejected by Wikipedia volunteers.

7. Submission

You have finally reached the most awaited stage of the page development, and that is submission. After scrupulously identifying mistakes and reverting to them you are supposed to send the final version of it to Wikipedia. But is this the last step of how can I create a Wikipedia page for myself? Keep following to read what’s next.

8. Update

If you think you are done with the journey then you may be mistaken because there is more to it. Once you get the accepted article back from the platform, you are advised to revise it and publish on your page. Your job isn’t done yet though! You have to keep on updating the page with the most recent information to keep your audiences informed.

Additional tips for a successful Wikipedia page

Rules and regulations

As previously discussed, Wikipedia has predetermined criteria for everything; no matter what your subject is. So if you want the platform to accept your page to the soonest then you should work smartly by reviewing all the regulations, and strictly abide by them. This will also give you a sense of satisfaction that you have incorporated the best of everything.

Read Wikipedia articles

If you want to successfully establish your page and the articles of your interest, it is always advisable to get used to the website and what it offers. So before you pen down the content for the article you should instill a reading habit to ensure the acceptance is in your favor.

Include what is necessary

You will never be guided to write and include everything about the subject. And same goes or references, you do not have to add so much that you lose the track of the write-up. So, you must form the draft first.

To Conclude

Undoubtedly, to see your Wikipedia page on the search engine is a dream of many. What you need to do to reach there is formulate strategies that work most suitably for you. This guide has everything you would ever want to know about the digital platform.

How to produce a Wikipedia page about myself?

You can do so by following the steps mentioned in the article; begin with signing up for the account.

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