How To Get A Google Knowledge Panel For Artist

How To Get A Google Knowledge Panel For Artist

Embarking the power to control 90% of the global search engine, Google is that one spot everybody uses for their fundamental purposes like; photos, GPS, browsing, and there is so much more to the list that we may lose the count.

Unarguably, the popularity of Google is immense; after all, the 4 Billion active users on the internet prefer browsing solely through it. In addition to this, Google is a well-established platform that welcomes informative content from all dimensions. Politics, entertainment, education, you name the category and you will find it on Google, within a click. In this blog, you will see yourself indulged in the enticing facts while you learn the process of getting a Google knowledge panel for an artist. So keep on scrolling your screens!

What Is A Google Knowledge Panel?

In case you’re wondering the purpose of the image above, let’s get you clear; this is a simple example of a Google knowledge panel. A panel like this is an enriching source of collective information. So every time you search for a celebrity artist who is verified or a famous place, a box like this (on your right) will appear on the screen. It generally depicts a gist of what Google finds about the person you are searching for. In the context of an artist, you will come across their name, basic biography, their albums, images, and their social media availability.

How To Get Verified On Google As An Artist

Google verification is one of the biggest objectives of an ambitious artist. As much as it brings perks, it is undeniably a challenging journey till you fully achieve the milestone. If you are an emerging artist whose long-term plan is to see their name at the top of the search engine with a blue tick you will certainly be looking forward to the steps that lead you to that destination. If you are eager enough to know, here are the indicators that will get you much closer to achieving authentication on Google because the knowledge contents come from multiple sources.

Online Presence

Did you know how massively does your online presence contribute to the Google verification process? If you want to discover how to do that, the first and foremost step to consider is the expansion of channels. Like businesses, even artists need to remind the world of their existence. In this case, you should streamline your visibility on all the platforms recognized by Google. You can simply edit and update information wherever your music is available; such as YouTubeSoundcloud, or Spotify to name a few. Creating an official YouTube channel is a must.

Social Media Presence

Whether its Instagram or Twitter, it has become essential for Artists to showcase themselves on the social media arenas. Today, it is not only about the music genres you are focusing on, but what’s given more significance is an individual’s unique style. Through these social apps, an artist can now openly portray their art of living. What’s best is that when these social media site are incorporated with Google, the search engine giant elevates an Artist’s ranking.


Unlimited to subjects, Wikipedia is an enormous domain itself. Not only is it vast but also reliable. For this reason, Google finds it authentic and automatically places Wikipedia at the top. Regardless of what you are searching, if that particular topic has a Wikipedia page, it is the first element appearing on your screen, as featured by Google. Besides, the encyclopedia is supremely compelling to an extent that if you solely have a Wikipedia page, this will eventually transform into a knowledge panel for you. Hence, an artist needs to create a Wikipedia page and profile.

Intriguing Images

As much as you are familiar with the significance of texts on the web, images are also regarded as important. On the knowledge panel you don’t just get to read what’s written there but you also get to see some images. These pictures could be the highest-ranking photos as considered by Google. However, you can always improvise these snapshots by editing, saving, and uploading in JPEG format. If you think you don’t have great pictures on the web, click some now and optimize your Google ranking.

Online Distribution Services

Gone are the days when you would specially go to shops to buy music. In today’s time when E-commerce is at its peak consumers look for convenient and quick options. Being an Artist, it is upon you to choose the high-rated digital music services to apprehend and sell your music albums. As an example, you’ll find Amazon Music not only because it is popularly known that will affect your sales. But also because Google collects information from identifiable platforms that enhances an Artist’s ranking on the web. This tells, choosing a music streaming service wisely is vital.

How To Get On Google As An Artist

A Google profile indicates so much even before you start working on it. Let’s take an example of two equally talented artists, A and B. While A has an existing profile on Google and B doesn’t own it yet. Who do you think is gaining better from their skill? A, without a doubt! If you are seeking an adequate process of getting yourself recognized by Google, then keep reading.

All the pointers that discussed earlier certainly grant a pivotal position for an artist on the web. However, what uplifts this is the starting point from where you begin to enhance yourself, as an Artist. Before doing anything else, you are supposed to create an official Google ID with appropriate username.

With profiles like Instagram, and Facebook the procedure may not be as demanding. However with Wikipedia it may take several months till your profile and the articles you have written to get approved. Once these are fully approved, you will see the humongous difference for yourself. Overall, Google takes 2 to 3 days for a verified profile to appear on the search engine. Once done, what’s next?

Claim Your Knowledge Panel

Now that you have received the blue tick, you were impatiently waiting for; how do you claim your knowledge panel on Google? Here are the steps you should consider being an artist.

Step #1

Firstly don’t forget to login with the verified Gmail ID. Upon searching your name, a knowledge panel will appear on your screen. At this point, simply click the button ‘Claim this knowledge panel’.

Step #2

Now that you have clicked the claim option, the Google search console verification will ask you to confirm your act.

Step #3

Upon confirming, the Google search engine will direct you to your page. This will let you make edits and may also ask for your authorized ID, issued by the government. Since you are a renowned personality, these procedures are imperative to avoid mishaps.

The Benefits Of Verification On Google

After successfully abiding by all the rules and regulations, congrats! You have now reached a point where you can rejoice at the actual perks of Google verification. What are these? Let’s take a look.

●        Gain Analytical Insights

How exciting can it be to have a remote controlling access to all the searchers who search you on Google? The best element of a verified Google profile is that you are able to track your status on the web. And how does that help you? Since you will be notified with numbers and numerical you will know how you could improvise your activities. It generally represents engagement and interaction of audiences in figures.

●        Schedule Your Upcoming Posts

While numerous people may lose count on this, Google allows you to plan your future posts. For instance if you already have your posts ready for one week ahead of you, you can easily set a specific date and time. This will boost your engagement and keep the audiences, especially your followers, react to your posts.

●        Posting on Google

While the ordinary cannot benefit from this; Google lets verified accounts to post on the search engine. For instance, you want to create hype for the launch of your new music series, you can either create a separate post on Google or directly link stories from Instagram, or any other site.

How do you get a knowledge panel for an artist?

Your initial step towards getting a knowledge panel is to establish a Google account. Upon this you have to manage it by adding music to different digital services. You also need to register your site in Google search console to widespread your recognition.

How do you get a knowledge graph on Google?

You can get hands on your knowledge graph on Google by optimizing your profiles. Get your Wikipedia page approved; link your digital accounts to your Google profile, use relevant keywords and request a change from Google to view your online traffic in the form of a graph.

Should I get verified on Google?

The question itself is vast. Acquiring verification depends on the knowledge panel. Regardless of your profession, it is important to claim your knowledge panel to get fully verified on Google. If you think that you are eligible for this, then start with your verification process.

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