How to Create a Wikipedia Profile

Your Gateway to How to Get a Wikipedia Profile

Your Gateway to How to Get a Wikipedia Profile

Who doesn’t dream to see themselves on the search engine? As long as it will represent you, your subject and your purpose, everyone would want it. The first thing appearing in the mind of an aspiring person is definitely a platform as enormous as Wikipedia. It is the gigantic source of encyclopedia that caters to 52.9 Million pages on the web.

In order to create a Wikipedia profile, individuals are given options to draft content for their profile in 321 languages. For this reason and more, it is regarded as one of the top 15 web domains in 2021 by Alexa. In this blog, you will be enticed by the facts, figures, and various methodologies that will lead you towards how do you get a Wikipedia profile.

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What do you need to do to create a Wikipedia profile?

As much as you want to be a part of the millions of Wikipedia profiles, there is a lot that is required before you reach the end point. Here is a list of steps that are the most imperative areas to work on to fulfill the purpose of how to have a Wikipedia profile.

  1. Account Creation
  2. Topic and notability tests
  3. Prioritize your research
  4. Preparing and formatting the page
  5. Abide by Wikipedia rules
  6. Citations for the content
  7. Submission and Approval

1. Create a Profile

The first step in the context of how do I get a Wikipedia profile is to create one. All you have to do is go to the official page of the platform, and find an option of ‘create an account’. At this point, you are expected to sign up using your official email IDs; remember this is the first impression of getting your profile accepted.

2. Topic and notability tests

Once Wikipedia acknowledges you with your official account, it is now time to work on the topic for your page. You have to ensure that whatever subject you opt for is unique, and the content to be produced under this category will be authentic. Besides, the query on how to get a Wikipedia profile requires the most significant test to run and that is widely known as the notability test. Before you walk through this path, you should realize your worth because Wikipedia will ultimately assess it. But what are the criteria?

  • It must be clear that notability is on the basis of relevant resources
  • It is not temporary and plays a crucial role to get your profile approved
  • In most cases, number of links under your subject define notability
  • It should be known that these guidelines vary upon nature of subject

Now that you are mindful of the guidelines, what’s vital is to choose a distinctive topic for your page. All you have to do is plan a title and then search to see whether there is any existing page under the same name. In case it’s all plain, your journey gets even more simplified. And if not, a link will appear that directs the user to a new title.

3. Research

Have you heard, ‘get your facts straight’? That’s exactly what Wikipedia wants to tell you. Other than researching for the intended profile, you are expected to research how Wikipedia works generally. This is because once you are explicitly clear you won’t be left with any ambiguities that will further make the path to how to make a Wikipedia profile seamless and quick!

4. Page formatting

At this point, you will have acquired all that you need to finally compose in the form of a page that is highly rich in information. Several people ask Wikipedia experts to get the page finalized in terms of writing, and proofreading. It is because you should know that people head to Wikipedia for content, and research. The knowledge you are delivering has to be authentic and need to be written as per Wikipedia guidelines. There are separate instructions given for writing style, content tone and even the images that you choose. However, you should be rigorous in your tone when you are referring to the subject in the content. It has to be professional and unbiased. Wikipedia strictly rejects data that sounds promotional.

5. Rules

As discussed, there are rules and regulations formulated by Wikipedia that must be implemented by everyone. There are some dos and don’ts as following:

  • There is no room for irrelevant and unreliable information
  • When you are writing in bullets, the most significant have to come first
  • The key terms are always supposed to be in bold
  • The bullets have to be short and precise
  • Sources have to be hyperlinked
  • The standard format should be followed as per Wikipedia template

6. Citations

Wikipedia is a free source of information. Unlike other platforms, it has rigid rules when it comes to plagiarism. In order to avoid that the user is asked to have citations for their content. For this, there is a separate header on Wikipedia pages. This reflects the information it withholds, especially in getting the page approved. So, note that this is something you cannot skip! In case there is no citation, the volunteers will assume that your content lacks reliability and authenticity and this may entirely reject your content, and no one would want that.

7. Submission

Once you are satisfied with the produced content, it is time to submit your efforts! Be extremely vigilant with proofreading because there has to be complete assurance that your page gets acknowledged. The process can be time consuming for some people depending on their content, but it can also be very quick if your content is written flawlessly. All you have to do is wait for the email by Wikipedia.

How to avoid rejection for the Wikipedia profile?

Other than scrupulously checking your content, you have to simply copy the content and paste it on the page as it is, including citations.

How can I create a Wikipedia profile?

There are numerous methods to attempt it as mentioned in the blog. In case you find it challenging, you can opt for Wikipedia service providers.

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