How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Your Company

How to Make a Wikipedia Page for Your Business

How to Make a Wikipedia Page for Your Business

Over the years, there has been a drastic rise in the digital medium domains. Be it information, entertainment, or a blend of these two there are several platforms in the queue, committed to fulfill the purpose. In the similar context Wikipedia is the hub of each and every sort of knowledge you want to attain. For this reason, as much as readers rejoice reading the Wikipedia content, people across all domains search for how to create a Wikipedia page for your company.

An encyclopedia that publishes 602 articles on average, every day inspires people to produce one; what varies is their objective and subject. So before one heads to look at how to create a Wikipedia page for a business, there should be explicit clarity regarding why an entrepreneur or maybe a business manager would want that. In this blog, you will find everything covered so, keep reading.


Why Should You Have A Wikipedia Page For Your Business?

Wide and vast, the reasons to have a pioneer page like this are enormous. Here is all that I would consider before jumping to the procedure of how to create a Wikipedia page for my business. A platform like this can serve as:

  • Source of reputation and credibility
  • Visibility and worldwide recognition
  • Accessibility with convenience


With businesses, it is not only about getting your internal management sorted but along with other stakeholders, customers should be your first priority. And how does one reach out to them? The best answer to this is through Wikipedia. In today’s time, customers have become more aware and sound regarding the products and services they want to choose. Prior to their purchase, they look for the authenticity of a certain company. For instance, if you want to buy coffee beans online, the best ones will appear at the top of search engines. This on its own intensifies the reputation and brand image of that seller. Through an online arena like this, customers would eventually be inclined towards the brand and its products that eventually affect profitability.

Worldwide recognition

Every business starts as a small entity. In cases where the owner has a lot to invest in monetary terms, that is another story altogether. But the end objective of every company is to expand themselves which is why owners are reminded about how to make a Wikipedia page for my company. When a platform like this is incorporated with the business values, and aims, any corporation would be known globally which is what an ultimate success is.


Being operated in hundreds of countries, Wikipedia is widely reached to everyone. The interface of the website is quick, and easy to understand and to function as well. This is why you should create a Wikipedia page for your company. Besides, going advanced and modern is the top-demand of consumers. If you get all these elements in one place then there is an excuse to move your data, and content to anywhere else.

Create a Wikipedia page for my business

Are you an emerging person, whose mind reminds them of creating a Wikipedia page for my business? Or are you the CEO of a multinational corporation? In either ways, you should have a website on this ground-breaking platform. Now that you are aware of the basic principles and reasons that led a person to create the page, what’s the guide to do so? Scroll your screen for all the steps.

wikipedia article wizard

1. Create Account for your company

Before you search for how to make a Wikipedia page for an organization, you have to land in a place to create the account. To showcase your presence on the domain, you have to sign up using your original ID and real name. Remember that you are going to publicize yourself on an encyclopedia from which people acquire information, so it all has to be true and authentic. This is also useful in modifying distinctive articles that you come across on Wikipedia. In addition, producing an account is the first step towards gaining trust on the web. This will directly link to the parent website of your company. As you click the page, there will be a, create an account option on the right.

2. Begin with edits

You should know that creating a Wikipedia page is not difficult but it sure needs reliability that increases the chances of getting the request approved. For this reason, you will be aided to enhance your brand and company reputation. So prior to creating it, Wikipedia specialists would advise you to write and edit. But that doesn’t mean that you are free from approvals. Even your edits are reviewed. You may submit an average of 10 articles for proofreading before moving the next step.

3. Target your subject and search the topic

Heading towards how to create a Wikipedia page for a brand you would already know what your subject is; so your content is designed accordingly. But before you jump to that, you should know what topic to form. At this point, Wikipedia will also run a notability test to assess the presence of the company; this includes website links and what is the competitive edge of your business. The next step is to search the company name; the first link that appears will lead you towards your own page.

4. Producing the page

In some cases, there could be a business with a similar title as yours, so you will have to develop a new page. There will be a link that will highlight, ‘Ask for the page to be created’. The moment you click it there will be a URL generated for your page. What an accomplishment! But wait, there is more.

5. Wikipedia Wizard

It is always better to know and prevent mistakes than make them and regret later. This is what Wikipedia believes in. In this light, Wikipedia showcases a page that includes all the warnings and instructions of article creation. Remind yourself that creating a Wikipedia article requires a lot more than what it seems.

6. Sandbox

After reading the regulations Wikipedia abides by, you are given options of making changes to the page, or simply begin from writing it. In either ways, you are facilitated with the sandbox.

7. Citations

Once you are done with article writing, you should know that citations are extremely pivotal when it comes to approval. This is why you need to hyperlink and attach cites to amplify the worth of the content.

8. Submission

It is now time to hand over your article to Wikipedia management. After properly reviewing everything from your side, you are expected to wait for a few days or weeks till they get back to you.

9. Update

Now that you have received your article back from the management, you can publish it. But be mindful of the fact that you are supposed to regularly revise the content. In case of updates in knowledge, you have to modify changes.

Why create a Wikipedia page for business?

It is created for visibility, accuracy, worldwide recognition and to enhance reputation of the company.

How long does it take to get a Wikipedia page approved?

Depending on the scenario, the Wikipedia volunteers may take as less as 1 day and as much as 90 days to finalize your page.

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