How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Someone

How to Make a Wikipedia Page on Someone

All about How to Make a Wikipedia Page on Someone

With about 6.2 Million articles published on the platform, Wikipedia welcomes the writers and editors to deliver write-ups that are based on any subject. For this reason, and many other factors getting their work seen on the upfront is the priority of every one. The digital arena of vital and enriching sources of information makes approximately 1.9 edits every second. Isn’t that captivating? It is run by enthusiastic volunteers who evidently know how to create a Wikipedia page on someone.

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Reasons for Wikipedia Page creation

Before you jump to the actual process of how to create a Wikipedia page for someone, it is significant to clear the ambiguities in your mind. Other than anything else, it first includes why would you create a page for someone? Take these pointers as a checklist; if you think opting for page creation is the best option then go ahead.

  1. The person you are writing for is notable
  2. Your targeted subject does not have enough information on the web
  3. Self-branding
  4. Renowned personality

The Process of How to Make a Wikipedia Page for Someone

The procedure is although thoughtful, but very simple. It can be specific in terms of content but whoever attempts to produce it has to follow standard criteria. So let us begin identifying the steps.


No matter where you intend to publish your write-ups, research is the backbone of it. There has to be thorough knowledge to later compose it in a way that makes your content distinctive and distinguishable from the crowd. That being said, the journey of how to create a Wikipedia page for a person also requires the person to deeply understand the way it works. Terms and conditions, rules and regulations, and the policies certainly play a pivotal role in the successful acceptance of the page. You can read different guides of the platform where you will get a better insight through people’s experiences.

Understanding Notability

Upon research, you will encounter many pages that will shed light on the importance of notability in the entire process of how to make a Wikipedia for a person. That person could be a CEO of a Corporation or can also be a religious scholar. In any case, Wikipedia conducts the assessment to make sure if the subject you are writing for is known to the world. This is a crucial element of how to start a Wikipedia page for someone before you move on to the next stage.

Create an Account

At this point, you should be mature in terms of knowledge of the Wikipedia community. It is because now is the time to practically transform your thoughts into creating the account. As you find yourself on the Wikipedia home page, you will see an account creation option on the top right edge. This is where you have to insert your original and authentic ID not only for the sake of reliability but also because this is where you will be contacted next.

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Practice edits

If you are a writer who questions themselves, can I make a Wikipedia page about someone? Then you are first advised to imprint the platform by editing a few existing articles. This will let you discover lots of areas that you would not be aware of previously. It also contributes to skills as you get more familiar to the overall process.

Accumulate the page formatting material

There is not just one source that you can use for writing the article for this notable platform. You have to be involved in rigorous research that benefits you once to create the content in the upcoming stages.


With the help of all the sources that you have derived from the web or any other medium, it is time to pen your knowledge into words and properly structured content. This is the most important step towards how do you start a Wikipedia page; so once you are done, get it thoroughly proofread. It is because your content quality will define the successful accomplishment of your page.

Submission and Approval

Lastly, you are supposed to submit your content to the Wikipedia volunteers. These experts will scrupulously revise your writing and may modify where needed. Most people get their revised version within a week while others may have to wait for some months. Either ways, your job of how to create a Wikipedia article about a person doesn’t end here. You have to constantly maintain your page by updating it with the newest facts and figures.

How does Wikipedia judge notability for the page?

The platform focuses on a person’s contribution in various disciplines, to see if they deserve to be a part of the reputable Wikipedia community.

Who can write a Wikipedia article for me?

You can do it if you think your skills are remarkable or you can hire writers and editors from Wikipedia service providers.

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