How to Create a Wikipedia Page for an Author

how to create a wikipedia page for an author

How to Create a Wikipedia Page for a Book

Who doesn’t like to read books? Even if the interest doesn’t fall under your domain, each of us tends to read them for the sake of entertainment or information. Whether it is for a college project, or for the sake of sparing the time, reading books can also be a habit of people. There are tons of genres you can look for on the internet and buy books of your choice online! But how would you know the rating, level, and scope of the book? Definitely through reviews; but do you think these are reliable?

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The best way to get to know about anything and everything is Wikipedia; to such an extent that there is an addition of 17000 articles in the Wikipedia world every month. The accessible encyclopedia is succeeding at a fast pace with 1.9 edits per second. It offers a spectrum of know-how about books of any category and age. So if you want to produce an online visibility for a book, then keep reading this guide as you will be introduced to the procedure of how to create a Wikipedia page for an author.

Why should an author have a Wikipedia page?

Wikipedia pages have a high value and worth on the search engine and the digital industry. For this reason, people across the globe prioritize to issue their articles on the respective platform. But what are the ultimate perks of owning a page of the book you have published?  Go through the following pointers that will help you know more about it.

  • Suitable mode of digital marketing that will grant world-wide recognition
  • Best way of establishing your writing career
  • Get your book translated in multiple languages
  • Enhance your scope
  • Professional and personal life insights

Imagine a reader getting so captivated by your writing that they search you on the web with the author’s name, and there they see a page that is solely dedicated to your or your book, isn’t that amazing?

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Steps to form a Wikipedia page for a book or an author

After assessing all the advantages of having a Wikipedia page, what’s great is to undertake the stages that lead you towards the site. Are you ready? Begin with the basics.

Account Sign up

It is now time to find the option of signing up that you will get on the Wikipedia home page. Quite simply, all you have to do is log in with an authentic email ID. For example if you already have an official address as an author or for the book, utilize it so that you are verified by the domain. And secondly, keep it active because every time you excel with the step, Wikipedia will notify or contact you through this email.

Research and gather data

At times there does not only about have to be to know enough regarding the subject. But also about how the domain works where you are set to embark the journey. So first, get the facts right about Wikipedia by going through their guidelines and secondly, start accumulating material for the content of the article that you intend to produce. Make sure that wherever you extract the data from it is an authentic and genuine source of details because Wikipedia does not accept original research. Similarly, you cannot use your own website or social media pages to give the evidence of your identity.


Wikipedia conducts an assessment for all its users. In the context of a book or an author, you strictly have to abide by their guidelines. Firstly, the book should be known and should be reviewed by renowned critics that will enhance the worth of your article. Secondly, it should be nominated or has or had won awards previously; maybe a major literary award. This category also includes the distribution of books. For instance, some authors write books for the sake of education so their channels would be schools and colleges. And lastly, the author’s life also plays a crucial role in this certain criteria because the Wikipedia pages also involve personal and professional lives of people.

Produce the article

All the reliable sources that you have gathered, it is now time to interpret those in the form of content. You are supposed to abide by all the writing rules and regulations as set by Wikipedia. Format, style, structure, grammar are the elements on the basis of which you can develop the article.

Proofread and use citations

One of the best ways to get your content free from errors is through scrutinizing it. If you think you are unable to do it, ask a friend or a specialist to help you. At this point, you have to be extra careful for citations and links. Do not overlap the page with the links!


Congrats! You have reached the last step to finalize the page. Submit it with the best of your knowledge and for acceptance.

What books come under the Wikipedia page for a book?

Books that have been self-published have a significant historical aspect, and the ones that are sold on bookstores.

How much time is needed to develop a Wikipedia page for an author?

It generally takes three to four weeks to get a Wikipedia page.

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