How to Create a Wikipedia Page for an Athlete

How to Create a Wikipedia Page for an Athlete

Creating websites for a renowned personality is one of the biggest trends on the internet. Whether that person has contributed in the entertainment industry or any other sector, the audiences who are basically their fans and followers are curious to know about their personal and professional settings. This is why you must have noticed an amplified rise in the number of social accounts across numerous platforms. It has surely given people a chance to align a direct communication with the famous names. In this regard, Wikipedia is that one extraordinary digital arena that is every athlete’s top priority. The platform seems to grow with about 17000 new articles every month. Even the rate at which modifications are being made into the articles is as less as 1.9 edits per second!

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A Wikipedia page for an Athlete

The total number of articles written in English language on Wikipedia is 6.2 Million. These write-ups are written for different subjects. In this blog, you will be directed towards the methods, and tips that will lead the journey of how to make a Wikipedia page for an Athlete. If you are a manager to a sports person who doesn’t have a Wiki profile yet, then this is the right spot for you to know everything about it. But let us first focus on the primary reasons of having a page for an athlete. Keep following!

Worldwide recognition

Being one of the most visited sites, there is one thing certain about Wikipedia and that is its visibility. The presence is so widely popular that if you search anything on the bar, you will be encountered with the Wikipedia page on the Google panel. At the same time, you do not have to be bothered about the languages because the domain can be translated into 300+ languages! The widespread you become as an athlete, it will surely affect your career growth.

Reliable platform

Unlike social media accounts, where you can find hundreds of unauthorized and fake pages written under your name, Wikipedia is that one trusted site where you will never find more than one page written about a subject. It is reliable, verified, and valid from all aspects. Therefore, you can trust it for delivering your information or extracting other people’s details.


Being on the top websites will eventually tell the audiences that you are a renowned personality. It is because Wikipedia conducts strict checks over this and does not grant a page to everyone. If you want to flourish the reputation being an athlete then it’s time to form a page to the soonest!

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Simple steps to produce a Wikipedia page for an Athlete

When the reasons are clear to influence your decision, you are most certainly inclined towards developing the Wikipedia page. Begin with these basic steps!

Create Account

The first and foremost phase towards attempting the procedure is to sign up for the account. Without doing so, you won’t be able to preserve your seat on the Wikipedia domain. Check the website, find an option that says, ‘Create Account’, click it and remember to input your original email ID. It is best to frequently use the account so that you are notified immediately.


The entire point of investing a solid time in rigorous research is to understand how the website functions. It is advised to read articles on Wikipedia that are related to the subject you are writing on for instance, a competitor’s page. This will guide you better regarding what to include or exclude in the content at a later stage. You need to see what is required and what is not necessary. However, being the user of the page make sure not to utilize information from unreliable sources like social media pages or the subject’s personal website. Look for content that is written under the similar topic.

Notability Guidelines

Like every other subject, or title Wikipedia considers a rigid set of rules that you, as a user, have to abide by. If you are used to writing articles on diversified people or topics, you would know that you cannot use one standard criterion across all types of subjects. In case of an athlete, Wikipedia apprehends the following requirements:

  • Part of a major sports team
  • Played on national and international competitions
  • Experience from low to high level
  • Won any awards, or worldwide recognition awards.

Produce content and Submit

After firmly believing in these areas of work, it is time to utilize the materials into forming and formatting content. You have to avoid writing in a negative or promotional tone. After including all the necessary elements, it is time to submit your work and wait until the Wikipedia management gets back to you. You may have to stay patient for a period of three to four weeks in order to get your article revised, and published.

Why should you produce a Wikipedia page for an athlete?

To establish your career in the field and to let people know you it is advised to have a Wikipedia page.

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