How to Create a Wikipedia Page for an Artist

Guide on How to Get a Wikipedia Artist Page

Guide on How to Get a Wikipedia Artist Page

Due to its vast and wide reputation, everyone wishes to see their page on Wikipedia. Like multiple social media platforms, Artists and celebrities like to see their entire journey being composed in the form of articles that can be published on the world’s largest encyclopedia. Wikipedia comprises 602 new articles every single day. And there is so much more to it. This is why it is an artist’s first priority to get their name established on the domain. If you are interested in knowing how to create a Wikipedia page for an actor, then keep reading to enhance your know-how.

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Imperative reasons to create an Actor Page

The first step towards practically implying how to create a Wikipedia page for an actor, you must understand the reasons to create it. Just like an ordinary person would not be able to shine on the platform, as a celebrity you have got the edge to stand out. So here is why one should go ahead with the process.

  • It increases the credibility of an actor
  • Able to reach to maximum audiences that means worldwide recognition
  • Transparency and reliability
  • Authentic source of information

One thing that you will find different in Wikipedia in comparison to any other site is that the platform only caters to original information. This is why you will never find any fake misconception or knowledge that is wrongly delivered. This eventually makes the platform utterly trustworthy.

How to make a Wikipedia page for an artist

In order to fully imply to the process, you need to understand the basic terms and conditions to create a Wikipedia page for an artist. Here is what Wikipedia has to say in their guidelines.

Be clear

A page would always require content to be published. This is why you have to be clear with your words, your writing style and the tone in which you are delivering the write-up. At the same time, you have to be careful that you don’t include everything or anything that wouldn’t make sense to the reader. Citations are also crucial, but Wikipedia advises to avoid over-linking the references that may interrupt the original basis of your article.

Neutral viewpoint

With your article, you have to ensure the readers that you are free of bias. Any sort of promotional link can bring contradictions and may lose the value of your content. If you are unsuccessful in doing so, Wikipedia may not permit you to go ahead with the process.

Extensive research

Wikipedia will benefit you from all the parameters but before that happens; it demands you to indulge in deep research. It is because you are supposed to derive sources that amplify the reliability and validity of your write-up. Similarly, you are also guided not to issue your self-published content. If there are some publishing websites or newspaper articles that include your name then include it because this plays an imperative role in how to make a Wikipedia page for a celebrity.

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The practical procedure

At this point, you are expected to have a good amount of knowledge of the Wikipedia community. Hence, it’s time to reflect by beginning with the first step of how to make a Wikipedia page for a celebrity.

Create the Account

There are multiple methods to create an account on Wikipedia. One of the best ways is to simply browse the Wikipedia homepage and sign up by clicking on the top right corner that reads, ‘create an account’.

Gather all sources

Once you have created the account using your original ID. You are welcomed by Wikipedia through a notification. Your next step is to look for essays, articles, research papers, and information in any sort of medium that compliments your subject. Make sure you do so, by investing your time into it because this will later be used in composing the article for the celebrity or any other artist. As you do so, you can simultaneously learn how to edit existing pages on Wikipedia that will keep you familiar with the process.

Page format and content development

It is now time to use your enriching material in creating a distinctive and professional content for the article. You should include elements like, a celebrity’s early life, career and achievements, personal life and other areas of life.

Proofreading and citations,

Make sure to thoroughly and scrupulously change  the content before you move ahead to the submission stage. And don’t forget to add relevant citations!

Submit and wait for acceptance

Your next and final stage is submission of articles. At this point, you have to wait till Wikipedia volunteers get back to you.

Can I create a Wikipedia page for a celebrity?

Yes, you can do so. However, a notability test would be run to check the online profile that is based on other factors.

How to get a Wikipedia page for an artist?

You can get the page by simply creating the account on Wikipedia and then follow the process as discussed above.

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