How to Create a Wikipedia Biography Page

Your Guide to Create a Wikipedia Biography Page

Your Guide to Create a Wikipedia Biography Page

Biographies are timeless and versatile. You must have either read them or watched them in the form of documentaries. But do you know one can have their very own biography page on the largest encyclopedia platform? Wikipedia is the gigantic source of information that caters to any subject, regardless of their nature. With 32.5 Million active users on the platform, Wikipedia keeps growing. In this blog, you will learn to create a Wikipedia biography with all the essentials and imperative pointers. So, keep reading to find out how the 6.2 Million Wikipedia articles dominate the web.

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Guidelines for Wikipedia Biography

Before you hit the ground with ‘how to make a Wikipedia biography’, there are some necessary headers that you should be mindful of. Wikipedia has composed regulations for all the subjects. Here, we are targeting biographies. By incorporating your interest with these guidelines, you will be able to embark an enriching journey on the search engine.

  • Maintain a neutral viewpoint, that is free from bias
  • The research has to be authentic and verifiable
  • Conduct a notability test with important coverage

Can You Write Your Own Biography On Wikipedia?

Creating a Wikipedia biography is not demanding. But whether you can write it on your own or opt for service providers, the decision is based on your skills and expertise. As you move down the page, you will assess whether you can do it on your own or not. So let’s get started with these simple steps.

Step #1. Create an Account

Before you prepare yourself for the utmost and enriching biography content, the first phase of how to write a Wikipedia biography is to get yourself recognized by the platform. You have to use an original ID so that the moment your request for account creation gets accepted, you are notified. All you have to do is opt for the option that is available on the top right corner of the Wikipedia page.

Step#2. Opt for a Topic

Generally, when you tend to write something, it may not require a lot of supervision or proofreading. But when it is about Wikipedia, you have to choose a title that is aligned to your topic and the one that you think you can write the best on. At this point you have to ensure long term pointers as well that will be significant once you reach the formatting and content producing part.

Step#3. Notability Instructions for Biographies

Like every other theme and topic, to create a Wikipedia biography you have to abide by all the rules it has set for your write-ups. It should be explicitly clear that the subject has to go through a notability test for assessing the popularity of it on the web. It generally evaluates the extent to which the person on whom biography is being created is important. The extensive pointers are already described in the above header.


Step#4. Deep Research

Primary or secondary, the Wikipedia content has deep roots. You have to be a hundred percent sure of what you are writing. This means the content has to be free of flaws in terms of writing styles and all other aspects. But before you jump there, you have to look for material and resources that will be useful in apprehending the content. If you take this step seamlessly, the procedure will be smooth and the chances of getting your content for an article will magnify.

Step#5. Format the page

Now is the time to compose and comprise the resources in a form of a biography article. There are tons of biographies that we encounter, each of them are set unique because that is how it should be. You will either break it or make it to get the content acknowledged. Not only it has to be high-quality but properly structured.

Step#6.  Wikipedia Policies

Once you are done with the content development, know that you are delivering a worthy article that will tell the world about the subject. Since Wikipedia is the pioneer of knowledge, it ensures that there is no room for mistakes. In this light, a policy and guideline page will appear on the screen. This usually explains what kind of content is accepted by the vast and digital arena. For instance, if one is writing something in bullets, they have to be short, precise and to the point. Besides, the content has to be plagiarism free, and authentic from all aspects. In addition, to hyperlink sources is imperative that compliments the data that you are filling.

Step#7. Citations

How can one skip this? Citations play a crucial role in getting your article accepted. These are useful because this will make the reader realize from wherever the data has been extracted in terms of references. Wikipedia holds high regard in this context, so as a writer of the biography, you have to know that there is no room to prolong it.

Step#8. Submission and Approval

After fully implementing all the regulations, you are advised to thoroughly go through the content. If you think you are unable to do so, then you can ask to get the content proofread by Wikipedia experts who work under service providers and can facilitate individuals in terms of biographies.

Step#9. Revise and Update

At this point of time, Wikipedia would demand patience from your side. Everyone gives their best to produce top-notch quality content but there is always room for improvisation. When your article goes to Wikipedia for checking, it can take weeks and at times, months to get back to your inbox. Once you receive the revised version, publish and don’t forget to keep on updating it whenever new information arises.

To Conclude

Biographies are usually written for the most renowned personalities. To get your content accepted in this light, make sure it is as per Wikipedia policies.

What methods can be applied to create Wikipedia biography?

The techniques are usually based on the person you are writing about. This is why it varies to produce unique content.

What is the prerequisite of Wikipedia biography?

It is important that the person is notable and known to the world that can be depicted through the number of publications written under them.

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