How to Create a Google Knowledge Panel for a Person

How to Create a Google Knowledge Panel for a Person

Individuals, actors, entrepreneurs and even business organizations, which are trying to create awareness in the most effective manner, in their target audiences, usually make use of various marketing tools. Among many other tools, one of them is to create and make use of a Google Knowledge Panel.

What is a Google Knowledge Panel?

So, to put it simply, a Google Knowledge Panel is an information section, which you can see in your screens, when you make a search on Google about a company, person or an entrepreneur. They usually summarize all the important information and provide the users with various links, to make it easy for them to get the information and details they are looking for.

In some cases, these knowledge panels may be create automatically as well and the information that is visible in this panel can be collected from many different sources available on the internet. In other scenarios, collaboration with various data partners can be made and information can be gathered about various topics such as music or T.V shows. This information may also be collected from available internet sources.

Now, these knowledge panels can be claimed by individuals and brands, for which they are created for and may provide images in the knowledge panel about themselves. If not claimed by any entity or person, pictures and images can be sourced from the internet to provide thorough details.

Furthermore, the information visible on these knowledge panels are updated as the information on the internet get updated. The information is also subject to change depending on the user feedback as well.

Things Similar to Knowledge Panels

Have you ever searched for a business organization on Google? If you have, then you must have noticed that, as a result of your search, Google provides you with the business profile of the particular organization, which you are looking for. Now, this business profile appears to be quite similar to the Google knowledge panel. However, a business profile are particularly made for businesses, which deal with customers based in a certain location or inside a particular area. You can use Google My Business to make a business profile for your businesses or even claim a profile, which might already be present on Google My Business.

How to Get a Knowledge Panel for a Person

If you want to represent yourself on Google, the world’s largest and the most used search engine, then you better think about how you can become visible there. You can try to create Wikipedia pages about yourself or post articles or blogs but the importance of having a Google Knowledge Panel is very high.

If you want yourself to come off as a professional, then you definitely need a Google Knowledge Panel for yourself. This simple summarized screenshot, appearing on the right hand side of the screen can do wonders for you. Not only will it make you look like a professional but in fact, it will also make it easier for your target audience to find information about you in a much more efficient and thorough manner. Creating awareness and engaging your target audience will become much easier for you with the help of this little box of information in your search results.

Now, the question here is that, how can a person create a knowledge panel for him or herself?

How to Get Your Own Knowledge Panel

What might seem like a simple small box appearing in your Google search results is actually something that requires a person to take certain steps in order to create a knowledge panel for yourself. It is a process, which requires one to have knowledge about certain things beforehand. Here are the steps, which are required to make your own knowledge panel.

Step # 1 – Register Yourself on a Google Brand Account

This process starts with you creating a Google brand account for yourself. Now, you must understand that it is necessary to have a google brand account if you wish to create a knowledge panel for yourself. You should also understand that a google brand account is quite different from the usual google accounts that normally people make in their everyday lives.

A google brand account is a special account, which has the option to be linked and managed by more than one user at the same time. Administrative rights can be shared between multiple users. Now, According to reports, starting from April 2019, all Google+ accounts are being disapproved. However, this will have no impact on your google brand accounts but you should think about alternative means to generate a larger number of leads by creating a referral funnel for your business organizations (Local).

Step # 2 – Provide Detailed Information

Now, creating a google brand account is not the end of the process in fact, this is just the beginning. After filling the initial information to create your google brand account, you are required to provide detailed and thorough information relevant to yourself. Now, this is a necessary step because google will take into consideration all these updates based on the accuracy, authenticity, quality and quantity of the information you have given. Your application and every bit of information, which you have provided will be scrutinized and verified. You should know that all this information is made a part of the Google’s knowledge graph as well.

Now, there are a few things, which Google will look at closely to verify your brand account and you must be careful about meeting these certain standards such as, do you have a website or a presence on the internet? Is your name visible in any articles or press releases meeting the notability standards of google? Do you have any social media presence or accounts? Furthermore, you need to provide links, which allow google to ensure the work you have done. Now, you can say that a google knowledge panel is quite similar to a wikipedia page but instead of wikipedia, it appears on the search engine itself.

You must ensure that all the information you are providing must be accessible by the public so that google can easily gain access to it.

Step # 3 – Focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

So, you want your google knowledge panel to be visible in the search engine result, for that, you must already have number one ranking in the google search results. If not the first then, you must at least be among the top five results. However, the process of optimizing your name in google search results requires a lot of effort. There are various techniques and methods that you can use for this but, you need to comprehend the fact, that you cannot accomplish to have a google knowledge panel unless you are already listed high in the search results.

Furthermore, you also need to realize that the information, which appears on your google knowledge panel is simply the information that google has collected by linking all the dots. Therefore, if you have any social media accounts then you need to make sure, that all these accounts need to be similar to some extent. The information on these accounts should be almost identical, so that it is easier for the search engine to link all the dots together.

Step # 4 – Submit Your Web Page to the Search Engine

Now, you need to make it easy for google to link the dots between the information you are claiming and the information present on your website or other platforms. In case you don’t have a website, you can and should make one.

Now that you have a website and everything is clearly mentioned online, let google do its magic, link up all the information and collect the data necessary for your google knowledge panel. Make sure, that all the information is relevant before you submit the website.

Step # 5 – Verification

It might take a few days but gradually you will notice that information about you will be visible in the google search results. Now, you must check the bottom of the knowledge panel for the claiming option. Once you claim the ownership of the knowledge panel and verify then you will have a google knowledge panel about yourself.

How do I create a google knowledge graph?

There are six steps required to make a google knowledge graph:

  • Make a Wikipedia page
  • Make a page on
  • Make some social media accounts and profiles
  • Apply Schema Markup
  • Create content and accordingly format it
  • Use of Keywords

How do I edit my Google knowledge graph?

You can edit your google knowledge graph in 8 steps

  • Visit Google search
  • Login with your brand account
  • Turn on your web and app activity
  • Find the google knowledge panel for yourself
  • Click the option available on the top of the page for editing it
  • Make changes in the information you want
  • Provide brief descriptions in the available response box

Click on the send option/button

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