How Do You Get Your Name Appear on Wikipedia

how to make your name appear on wikipedia

Learn How to Register & Enroll in Wikipedia with this Guide

The road to success is determined by individual challenges. While some may relate it with being famous others are not bothered as their sole purpose is to make through their career with their skillset. Being said that, in today’s digital world being renowned is not a big deal because of the availability of astounding social networking sites. However, one has to be mindful because these platforms may tend to be unreliable and invalid. For this reason, the top priority of a person is Wikipedia.

The gigantic source of information, Wikipedia is the paramount of knowledge across all parameters, regardless of the subject. It is exponentially growing at the rate of 11.9% in the year 2021. This is why people sign up for the process of how to register in Wikipedia to be a part of the 6.2 Million English articles. If this intrigues you then keep reading!

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Why to Make Your Name Appear on Wikipedia

If you want to know how to make your appear on Wikipedia and get your name visible on the platform, you first need to understand why would anyone want that? Some of the pivotal reasons are;

  • Worldwide recognition to enhance career growth
  • Adds value to the name of the subject
  • Authentic and genuine articles that are reliable

How to Make your Name Appear

Throughout the log you will be served with methods and techniques that will get your enrollment easy and extremely fast. Here are some of the headers you should be mindful of when undergoing the process.

  1. Opt for a proper username that dignifies your identity
  2. Start modifying articles to get familiar with how the Wikipedia community works
  3. Form communication with editors on user talk page
  4. Choose tools to get advanced with the scope of content

How Do You Get Your Name on Wikipedia with These Steps

By fully implying with these steps, you can see yourself flourish on the biggest dominating platform of the internet. So begin to take notes!

Develop the account

It is for a fact that you cannot move ahead with the process until you opt for the ‘Create Account’ option that you will find at the top right corner of the Wikipedia home page. Choose the preferred language and sign up for the account instantly. Make sure to enter the right and the most frequent email to be notified by Wikipedia Management every time. As this is the first step towards verification so make it impressive.

Select a Topic

The process of how do you get your name on Wikipedia is dependent on many factors, one of which is selecting the most suitable title for your page. If you already have some names in mind and now want to see the availability of it, directly search for it on the bar. If it will be readily mentioned, you will get it otherwise a new link will appear on the screen and you will be directed to a new page.


Another significant part of this process is to invest your time in rigorous research and to reap the fruits of a great content, looking for the right material is the key. Since Wikipedia does not accept original research you have to look for reliable sources.  Other than targeting your subject you should also look for ways that guide you about the way the Wikipedia community operates. At this point, you might feel that the journey to get on the top of search engines is difficult however; this will benefit you the most if attempted in the right way. Widen the parameters of your online search, know what to include and what to exclude in it.


To fully understand the process of how do I put my name on Wikipedia, you have to see the headers and imply on all the imperative rules and regulations. Without doing so, you may not see your page succeeding. Hence, whatever subject you choose it is extremely important to follow it accordingly. To begin with, you have to be explicitly clear with the writing style that does not have to be promotional or biased. Secondly, the choice of words has to be according to a neutral point of view. Similarly, you have to ensure not to add words that provoke conflict of interest.

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Prepare the content

Now that you already have sources and various materials, deriving the most suitable content may not be a difficult task. You need to add relevant details, structure it in a proper format, add citations and significant links and at the same time you do not have to over-do them. After thoroughly proofreading the write up, move to the next stage.


The time of submitting your content for the article has arrived. All you have to do is wait till you get approached by the Wikipedia community. The procedure may take up to three months to get it accepted.

How can you get registered on Wikipedia?

You can do so by creating a page first and saving your page request that is when Wikipedia will register you.

Can you make changes to Wikipedia by getting registered?

Wikipedia allows the user to make changes as per their liking of their own page.

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