Create a Custom Wikipedia Page with This Ultimate Guide

Create a Wikipedia Page with This Ultimate Guide

With several information domains, Wikipedia stands out amid the sea of knowledge platforms on the web. Unlike other platforms, to create a Wikipedia page is what people aspire for. It is because the platform is clearly the largest encyclopedia on the internet that is absolutely free of cost.

It is an extensive medium of information that has the ability to produce articles at the rate of 1.9 edits per second. After knowing the enriching benefits, and perks of Wikipedia, all individuals would be inclined towards one query, and that is how to create a Wikipedia page. If you want to do this and much more than this, then keep scrolling the screen!

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Know This Before You Form the Wikipedia Page

Prior to your jump on the question, how to create a Wikipedia page, there is so much that you should know. As widely known, the domain is one of the most authentic, updated and reliable areas from where one can obtain significant know-how. Be it recent trends or traditional perspectives, Wikipedia knows everything. Therefore, before you move towards how to make a Wikipedia page, here is what you should know.

  • Know the purpose, and reason of forming the page
  • Several people create more than one of it, so decide the number beforehand
  • Go through the original Wikipedia guidelines and see if making it is the right choice
  • Head to an expert for instructions regarding how to make a Wikipedia page
  • Enhance the resources for notability tests
  • Wide research


Wikipedia Guidelines

To make a Wikipedia page is to include your page among the 6.2 Million English articles on Wikipedia. Do you think all the articles written for the intention of their Wikipedia page have been successfully published? This isn’t true. All the Wikipedia pages have to go through a filtering and screening process. If you really want to make it up to the top of the search engine then you should strictly abide by the Wikipedia rules. In fact, one of the ways of getting your content and page accepted is through their guidelines. Some of those are listed as follows.


As previously discussed, notability plays a pivotal part in getting your page approved. It can be assessed through the number of links available under your subject that you intend to produce the page for. In order to make a Wikipedia page, the subject needs to have a good amount of articles published under their area that gives a sense of recognition. In case your subject does not have a lot of links on the internet, you are advised to work on the PR management and enhance the likelihood of page submission.

Writing style

Regardless of the language you intend to write the page in, Wikipedia has also set a certain criteria for the type of writing you choose. There has to be a specific standard of grammar, punctuation, and formatting of your Wikipedia page. In the absence of these elements, you may fail to get the page accepted.


Content is the most necessary part of the entire page. After getting clear with your subject, you should be a hundred percent sure of what you are writing. You cannot just include everything in your draft, and at the same time you have to be sure about the writing tone as well. No matter what, you cannot be marketing your subject. A promotional tone or style will always be rejected by Wikipedia as this creates bias which is against their terms and conditions.


As much as research is important, you have to be utmost careful with the content. At times, there is a lot going on the web but you seem to exclude it. Why? It is because you cannot cater to every type of content that is written without proper citations. Your content has to be extensively researched, reliable and plagiarism free.

A Wikipedia page

If you are someone who wishes to develop a tailored and creative Wikipedia page, you can do so. But to be explicitly clear here, Wikipedia does that for the end-user. This means, if you are creating the page then only your experience in specific would be different from others. All other readers and editors would view the page in a standard form. Before you opt for this option, go through Wikipedia guidelines and follow them as per regulations.

What are some other Wikipedia guidelines to create a Wikipedia page?

As discussed above, Wikipedia has rigid policies in terms of behavior, editing, content, writing style, and delete guidelines to name a few.

What are the naming conventions for Wikipedia pages?

These are the appropriate names chosen for articles or Wikipedia pages that include file names, and category names. This also varies on the subject or the title of your page.

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